Wish List

  • Volunteers
  • Stamps
  • Dry food - no gluten
  • Canine vitamins
  • Camera for taking action shots of wolves
  • Elk & deer meat
  • Walk-in freezer
  • Updated computers
  • Connect with iGive.com and your spending can help White Wolf Sancutary
  • Unused metal oil pans for food bowls (We have wolves that like to carry them away and hide them in the woods!)
  • Fred Meyer Community Rewards Program. Use your rewards card and help WWS.
  • DR Brush Mower
  • Weed Eaters
  • Emergency Escape Cargo Van for wolf transport
  • Butcher Knives (Preferably new)
  • New Mops

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Tours and Group

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White Wolf Sanctuary
PO Box 65
Tidewater, OR 97390

About White Wolf Sanctuary

White Wolf Sanctuary's Goals

  • Provide and consistently improve conditions for rescued Arctic wolves at the sanctuary.
  • Protect and preserve habitats in the wild.
  • Elect public officials who actively protect wildlife.
  • Work toward long term recovery of wolves in the wild.

Services Provided to the Public

  • White Wolf SanctuaryPrivate tours by appointment.
  • Presentations and educational seminars for schools, churches and other organizations.

About Us

White Wolf Sanctuary is located in a coastal mountain range of Oregon near the small town of Tidewater. The sanctuary covers 60 acres, 50 acres of which are completely fenced and isolated for the protection of the Arctic wolves. The wolves are not in cages and run as freely as possible within 50 acres of natural habitat which includes ponds, shelters, trees and meadows.

The average population of wolves in the sanctuary is 8-10, which are rescued wolves who were injured, unwanted or abandoned. White Wolf Sanctuary accepts only pure Arctic wolves.

To learn more about White Wolf Sanctuary, the wonderful animals, ways to contribute money, volunteer your time, visit the gift shop, arrange a private tour, or schedule educational presentations or seminars, please click on the appropriate link below.